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What is it that makes someone a success in business? What drives an individual to create success? Is it being hit by a “lucky stick,” or is it something else?

Lorenz started from nothing, a common theme, but founded two companies, ran them successfully, and sold them to Fortune 500’s. Through thought-provoking, insightful, and engaging stories with real-world examples, Lorenz provides intuitive, practical advice on the fundamentals of life success: seek and seize the opportunities in front of you. Your eyes will be opened to new possibilities at every turn of the page.

Your next decision could dictate the trajectory you take. How you spend your time and the decisions you make matter. You will enjoy learning how to see business and life differently, taking hold of the opportunities so many others fail to see.

"Luck is when preparation meets opportunity. Tireless is a testimony to those who strive to seek opportunity. It is a must-read for everyone that is determined to win."

– James Flaherty, Chairman of the Board, Deloitte LLP (former)


"Timeless tips on business success. A must-read for entrepreneurial-minded executives."



President of Starbucks (retired)

“Kim’s book illustrates through real-life anecdotes three fundamentals of life success: seek and seize opportunities for advancement, do not cheat and work ‘Tirelessly’ hard.”


Senior Vice-President of Operations and Customer Service, (Retired)


"Almost everyone has good ideas that they never act upon. Kim Lorenz’s book, Tireless, will help you become one of those people who change the world - because Kim is one of those people."



President Emeritus of World Vision US


"I’ve witnessed Kim’s 'Tireless’ efforts to make the world better…one community at a time. This book models how to combine innovation and hard work to achieve success, both in business and in giving.”

Former GM, The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International

John T. Osterlund

"Kim’s story of innovation, customer focus and, finally, the grit to overcome the obstacles is a story played out every day, in every industry. As a co-founder of three national menswear brands, Tireless is a must read for individuals who believe they have what it takes to be an entrepreneur.”


Dean a. Holly

Co-Founder, Good Man Brand

Author and Faculty Emeritus, Bellevue College

"This book is where the 'rubber meets the road.’ What sets it apart from so many 'how to succeed' books is that Kim not only provides a pathway for achieving success; he has lived the story.  Kim's story is one all students of business should study."



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